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I have been booking escorts from this site online for a long time but I also want to invite my best friend into this sexy and secret business of mine. I wanted to know if there's a special voucher or a bonus gift or something I will get if I bring a new client or if another user joins on my behalf. Will she also have to make a new account or is there any deal that I can avail for us both?

Websites these days are very well versed. Why don’t do your research thoroughly and find such exciting vouchers on your own? It must be displayed somewhere at the site only. I've seen a few deals a couple of months back so I am not sure whether they are still valid or not. I’m pretty sure you can even request an offer?

You and your friend would have to register separately unless the offer is inclusive of registration from the same account.

I don't think this website offers any such deals! Let us know if you find something. Good luck!

Is there a groupon for this? LOL 

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