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What’s the common sexual complaint you get from your fuck buddies, partner or from a random strangers you had sex with? Quite sure some of you will ask to share mine. It’s having performance anxiety, it sucks and happened to me a lot of times before but currently improving as I am working hard to fight it. Looking forward to hear yours...

The complaint i get is why i always get to sleep after we had sex. 

Well, mine is I always cum faster. I don’t know why, I just can’t help it. It sucks right?

It took a lot of hours before I really get into action. Its not really a problem but I get this complain twice, so yeah.

I have had a few comments that I send too much time kiss caressing and play with women im with. Can't help it tho love exploring there bodies 🙈

I don't know but I always got told that I am doing it too fast. Shouldn't they be happy about it? I like it fast and hard.

I never experience sexual complaints at all. 

Well @brodie69r if you enjoyed your self you can be happy with that. Just keep going 👍

LOL @starbug123 totally agrees with you. Other girls like it fast and would demand to make it faster hahaha. 

Lack of time... that's the reason why my recent partner and I ended things..... and been seeing escorts to be satisfied 

Performance anxiety. I actually just got this complaint once. But booking escorts really helps me overcome this problem. Now, I am very confident with my performance.

not at this age though probably when I get a little older and my sex performace drops 😂


I have an ex who would disregard my fetishes and so I would always complain about that but yeah, he doesn't care at all. 

Hi @thorab thats not good tell us about your fetishes maybe we can help. No good suppressing them

@starbug123 wants to know about her fetishes as well @thorab

@julez420 not into bareback....

Mine is I get tired quickly and fall asleep.😞


Mine is I get tired quickly and fall asleep.😞
@felicity87 you should eat a lot of food then.😊

@laneyboggs bareback is rare 😂

Mine is I get tired quickly and fall asleep.😞

So you only can take 1-2 rounds? 

I never experience sexual complaints at all. 

@snakeeyes69 So you are good in bed? I mean if you are really horny you will be aggressive or wild? Most girls really like that kind of performance.

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